OCT 2013

X-DOG and PLEBE visited Lisetonga Hostel and met Liz and Juraj. We talked a lot about what we can do to make the street where Lisetonga is located and the community of Babilônia more beautiful. This is the picture of before:


NOV 2013

We have contacted artists. X-DOG and PLEBE. They prepared a very beautiful model that you can see below.

Mural Babilônia_model

DEC 2013 – JAN  2014

We reached out to the Chapêu Mangueira and Babilônia communities to obtain support for the idea. We spoke to David, from Bar do David, UPP and Associações de moradores.

FEB 2014

On february 7th, 2014 the core team flew in from Prague, Czech Republic. On February 8th 2014 the work start. You can see the galery of making of here. The Phase 1 represented 140 square meters of mosaic to be placed.
We had 8 people working on the wall from day one. We felt the team was not big enough for the challenge we faced. Luckily, more and more volunteers joined us. We had volunteers brasilians and foreigners, travelling and staying in Hostel Lisetonga. Also foreigners living in Chapeu Mangueira and Babilônia and elsewhere in Rio de Janeiro joined us to help, French, Argentinias, Armenians, British, Italian, and others.
Core team only planned to stay two weeks so we had quite a tough deadline to meet. We also decided we would not work in the direct morning sun. That meant we waited for the shadow and worked until late night. And by late night we mean 2am or 3am.
To our surprise some of the volunteers, both brazilians and foreigners, kept up to this pace. Local Cariocas, passing by showed us their verbal support ;-) and, sometimes even stopped to help. Some repeated and came to help two or three times. We did not really expect it but any help on this 140 square meters mosaic was warmly welcome.
The wall is public, after all, and we made it for everyone to enjoy. We felt that if locals helped, they would feel it more as ‘theirs’ and in the future they would care more. This I say, because, in my opinion, one of the biggest problem of Rio de Janeiro and Cariocas, is their relaxed nature and the way they do not care too much about anything. Caring about your street is something we promote. We believe that if you walk a nicer street, you inherently become a nicer and more caring person.
It took us two weeks to tile the mosaic. The sealing was just to start.
MAR 2014 – JUN 2014
We spent some time here and there sealing the wall. Mostly Pepa Zdepa helped, but some others too. These are two photos of “after”:
small_mosaic rio de janeiro_DSC2497_1 - Copy small_mosaic_rio de janeiro_DSC2476_1 - Copy
SEP 2014
We started to think about Phase II. The initial idea was to bring to Mural a bit of Barcelona. We had initial conversations with the locals, who have many years of experience with life in Chapêu Mangueira and Babilônia. They explained us that the initial project, that wanted to place the benches in Gaudi style right below the houses and above mosaic from Phase I, could result into a problem. They argued that locals and tourists would like to sit there at night, drink one too many cachaça and disturb the people who need rest after a day of work.
OCT 2014
We adjusted the original project, coming with the idea of placing the mosaic bench on the bottom of the mosaic, right on the level of sidewalk. That was approved both by Associação de Moradores and by UPP. This is a fragment of mosaic that will be placed on the bench:
obrázek 1
This is where the bench should go:
mural babilonia_bench here
NOV 2014
X-DOG and PLEBE  came to Lisetonga in the second half of November. We created:
1. A curved bench, inspired by Parque Guell in Barcelona, with porcelan faces with a composition of butterfly resting on a flower:
2. A composition of crystalic flowerpots:
We also took time to improve sealing on the big blue mosaic. look how it looks now:
Zeď, která chrání svah a domy před sesunutím, se proměnila v umělecké dílo, pokryté desítkami tisíc kusů kachličeko Svoboda. Jeden z motivù velké mozaiky èeských streetartových umìlcù X-Doga a Plebeho_o Nehezkou opěrnou zeď ozdobilo 100 metrů čtverečních mozaiky s nápisy jako život, svoboda, nesmrtelnost, spravedlnost a láska - Copy
We did not stop here. Most posts on this website present other interactions with the street. We hope you like it as much as we do!
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